Install Disqus on Minimal Mistakes

less than 1 minute read

Disqus is one of popular discussion provider with many users. It can be installed on many blogging platform, including Jekyll. Fortunately theme Minimal Mistakes already provide support for Disqus, it just need a bit configuration.

Get Shortname

To config Disqus we need Shortname setting from the website we have already registered on Disqus. This shortname is unique for each website we register on Disqus. We can get this from dashboard menu Settings -> General. Copy shortname value which shown after text Your website shortname is.


Edit _config.yml

Open file _config.yml. Add the following block of code at bottom of the file.

  provider: "disqus"
    shortname: "your-short-name-here"

Replace shortname value with shortname we got from the step above.

Still on the same file _config.yml find key config defaults -> scope-> values -> comments and make sure it has value true.

  - scope:
      comments: true # true to enable comment in all post

After that we just need to build or push it to repo. Hope it helps 😊.